The Boarding School Quilts

Author: Jan Cerney

Brokenhearted from events in Boston, Evangeline returns to Cheyenne River Mission to discover her own life's mission. Seven years later, Evangeline returns to the mission. Much has changed since Swift Bear's camp closed, and with Evangeline's assistance, the mission itself is undergoing big changes. Elijah is still serving as pastor and remains single, but the arrival of Mary changes everything. As new people enter the walls of the mission, things get interesting with marriages, births, and choices that will likely affect both individuals and the mission forever. This is the second novel in the Mission Quilt Series. Softcover. 324 pages.
Second Novel in the Mission Quilt Series
Vendor : American Quilter's Society
Reduced Price : Yes
Product Type : Novels
Count : 324 pages
Materials : Softcover
Size : 5.5'' x 8.5''
Author : Jan Cerney