Quilting Wide Open Spaces

Author: Judi Madsen

At last! Down-to-earth advice about enhancing large open areas with modern machine quilting. The 'modern' look in quilting is quilting! Lots of it, in large, unpieced areas of the quilt. Caught somewhere between making a wholecloth quilt and something that is all pieced, many quilters seek inspiration for the quilting to do in those wide open spaces. This book provides both the technical advice and the creative ideas offering seven striking quilts as practice projects. The projects and quilting designs in this book can easily be used with any quilting method. The simple-to-sew projects can even be hand pieced, if desired. Includes CD of full-size quilting designs.
Vendor : American Quilter's Society
Product Type : Designs to Print, Modern Quilting
Count : 104 pages + CD
Materials : Softcover
Size : 8.5” X 11”
Author : Judi Madsen