Poly-Fil Low-Loft® Batting Foamology Densified Polyester

Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match

Sets the standard for all other 100% bonded polyester battings. It is a favorite among machine and hand quilters. It will retain its loft wash after wash and dries quickly, making it ideal for lightweight quilts and baby quilts. Hand quilters love that it is the easiest batting to needle through and accentuates tiny hand stitches. Lightweight - accentuates stitch work. Bonded to resist fiber migration. Perfect for hand or machine quilting. Recommended quilting distance: 2" - 4". Easy to needle. Washable and non-allergenic. Care: Machine washable once quilted. Air dry or dry on low-heat setting.
Available in the following sizes: 45" x 60", 72" x 90", 81" x90" x 108", 110" x 110", 120" x 120".
Vendor : Fairfield
Product Type : Polyester Batting
Materials : 100% Polyester