MAGnificent LED Floor & Table Lamp

The MAGnificent Lamp is ideal for all types of detailed work. This lamp is cleverly designed to be used in 3 different height positions to suit your working environment. It provides 27 high performance, energy efficient daylight™ LEDs which only use 3 Watts of energy but provide 65 Watts of traditional bulb light. The large 14.6cm /5¾" semi-rimless 1.75X magnifying lens allows close-work activity. Ideal for hobbies, crafts and reading. 3 different height positions. 27 high performance, energy efficient daylight™ LEDs. Lamp brightness 1850 Lux at 15cm and 670 Lux at 30cm. 1.75X magnifying lens (14.6cm /5¾") to help you see more clearly. Large semi-rimless lens allowing close-work activity. Flexible gooseneck aims light exactly where you need it. Maximum height; Floor lamp 125cm/50” and table lamp 50cm/20". Lamp base can be used for storage of small items
Vendor : Daylight Company
Product Type : Desk/Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, LED Lights