Machine 60/40 Blend® Batting

Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match

Designed for machine quilters, by machine quilters. The unique qualities of this 60% cotton and 40% special blend polyester make it the perfect batting for long arm, short arm and domestic machine quilting. The cotton holds fabric securely to the batting and allows the quilt to hang flat. The polyester blend allows the needle to glide through the batting, preventing “pops” on the underside of the quilt and helps to prevent creasing when the quilt is folded. A thin scrim gives this batting added strength for machine quilting. It will retain its softness even when densely quilted, making it the machine quilter’s favorite. Weight: 4 oz. / sq. yd. 60% Bleached white cotton / 40% polyester. Thin scrim to prevent stretching and to help the batting maintain its integrity on a larger frame. For machine quilting. Recommended quilting distance: up to 8". Unconditionally guaranteed. Care: Wash on gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent once quilted. Air dry or dry in dryer on air or low heat setting.Available in the following sizes: 60” x 60” case pack, 100” x 116” case pack, 124” x 124” case pack.
Available in the following sizes: 60” x 60”, 100” x 116”, 124” x 124”.
Vendor : Fairfield
Product Type : Cotton Poly Blend Batting
Materials : 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester