Fusi-Boo™ Fusible Batting

Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match

Sustainability and simplicity go hand-in-hand with Fusi-Boo®, the industry’s first fusible quilt batting made from a special blend of fibers including natural cotton and rayon fiber from bamboo. This batting integrates the softness and smooth drape of bamboo with a water-soluble, heat-activated fusible resin. The result is a luxurious batting that simplifies the quilting process by eliminating the need for basting. Low loft. 3 oz. per square yard. Quilting distance: 2" - 4".

Available in the following sizes: 36" x 45", 60" x 60", 81" c 96", 100" x 116",
Vendor : Fairfield
Product Type : Bamboo Cotton Blend Batting
Materials : Natural Cotton and Rayon Fiber from Bamboo