Foamology™ Design Foam Rigid Tiles

Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match

A high density foam board expressly designed for the home decorator or DIY crafter. Extremely light weight with a smooth surface with crisp, clean edges. All rigid Design Foam tiles have the stickybase™ peel-away liner that makes fabric wrapping a breeze! Clean white color highlights any fabric that is placed over it. Use for wall art, scale models, crafts and dioramas. Large sizes can be used for making message boards, pinboards and display spaces in offices and craft rooms.
Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match1/2" thick. Available in the following sizes: 12 x 12" (2ct), 12" x 18" (2ct), 18” x 24” (2ct), 24" x 24" (2ct)
Vendor : Fairfield
Product Type : Foam