Evergreen™ Batting

Drop Ship 2 case minimum, mix or match

This is a truly green product in terms of its color and its environmental friendliness. Evergreen Batting® has a similar hand, drape and loft as Poly-Fil® Traditional® batting with the felt-like texture that is characteristic of needle punched quilt batting. It gets its signature color-fast green tint from the recycled plastic bottles that are given new life as a soft polyester quilt batting. Evergreen Batting® is ideal for crafts, quilts and home decor. Environmentally friendly. Similar hand, drape and loft as Poly-Fil Traditional® batting. Felt-like texture. 3.5oz. / sq. yd.

Available in the following sizes: 36" x 45", 90" x 108'.
Vendor : Fairfield
Product Type : Polyester Batting