Daylight High Power Craft Bulb

20W energy saving daylight bulb. The unique daylight™ lighting technology not only reduces eye-strain but also helps reduce greenhouse gases by consuming 75% less energy. Simply put, daylight™ is better for the environment and for your eyes! LIGHTING FACTS Brightness: 1,170 Lumens Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $2.43 (based on 3hrs/day 11c/kWh) Estimated Life: 9.1 Years (based on 3 hrs/day) Light Appearance: 6,500 K Energy used: 20 Watts. Technical Information: Watts: 22W. Tungsten equiv: 110W. Kelvin: 6500K. Lumens: 1350. CRI: 85. Contains Mercury (for more on clean up and safe disposal, visit epa.gov/cfl).
Vendor : Daylight Company
Product Type : Bulbs