Customer Service

Roy Wheelwright

Roy Wheelwright (Portland)

Favorite Color: Silver and Black
Favorite Place He's Visited: Hawaii
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Raider Fabric

About Roy:
I was born in Denver, CO and moved around quite frequently due to my father’s job as a district manager for the Salvation Army. I finally settled in the Portland, OR area in 1988.

I’ve worked at E.E. Schenck for 27 years. Started in shipping and then customer service and then went on the road as an outside sales person. I then came back to my true calling in the customer service office. The job became more of a challenge when I was promoted to customer service manager in 2013 after our dear friend and coworker  Margo Potampa passed away.

I have been married for 25 years to my wife Annmarie who also works here at E.E. Schenck in the Inventory control Dept.

Kelly Davey

Kelly Davey (Portland)

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Place He's Visited: Toss-up of relaxation and the Aloha of Kauai.  Newport, RI is another favorite with its vast history and seaside flavor.  Also the island of Manhattan, NY with window displays galor, Broadway and the rush of excitement.
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Terial Magic

About Kelly:
Past 30 years many different ventures in visual merchandising/display in wholesale, retail and education.  Content living and relaxing with my other half, 4 dogs and 3 cats in the mountains of Washougal, WA.  If I’m not thinking of or doing something that spurs my creativity I would certainly falter.

Chris Florence

Chris Florence (Portland)

Favorite Color: Pretty much any shade of green
Favorite Place He's Visited: Naples, Italy
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Mine of course (The Guilty Quilter), but I also love everything from our Serenity collection by Elite.

Kris Erickson

Kris Erickson (Portland)

Favorite Color: You mean pick one?
Favorite Place She's Visited: Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Shadow Play Brights

About Kris:

When I’m not exploring all the fun the Pacific Northwest has to offer, I spend most of my free time sewing, knitting, modern quilting, and supervising Olive and Monroe, my two four-legged shop hands.

Linda Hornaday

Linda Hornaday (Los Angeles)

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Place She's Visited: Europe
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Impossible to name one product, just always waiting to see what is new from all of our vendors, Maywood in particular.

About Linda:
Native Californian born in Oceanside. I grew up in the Fabric Industry, from Retail to Wholesale. When I’m not at Schenck I love traveling, dancing, movies and anything new to try!

Miriam Leyva

Miriam Leyva (Los Angeles)

Favorite Color: Earth Tones
Favorite Place She's Visited: Florida and Mexico - Cuba is next on my list
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Maywood Studio fabrics

About Miriam:
I have been working for E.E. Schenck Company for 20 years. I was born in Los Angeles, California, and I am Cuban-American. I love to work as a customer service rep, working with my customers and helping them resolve their problems. I like the idea of multi- tasking. Soo many different things to do, see, and learn.

Patricia Hernandez

Patricia Hernandez (Los Angeles)

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Place She's Visited: Las Vegas
Favorite Product EE Schenck Carries: Fleece

About Patricia:
I am from Acapulco, Mexico.  I share my home with fishes, a rabbit and dogs.  My favorite hobby is reading.